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Aluminium Recycling
Why should we recycle aluminium cans?
Benefits of Aluminium Can Recycling
Fun Facts About Aluminium Can Recycling
Steel Cans Recycling
Fun Facts About Steel Can Recycling
Fun Facts About Steel Can Recycling
  • Each household uses approximately 600 steel cans per year.

  • There are over 300million cans used per week over Christmas period.

  • The thinnest part of the can wall-measures only 0.07mm thick that’s thinner than a human hair.

  • It would take 1087 steel drinks cans stacked end to end to reach the top of the London Eye or 2818 to reach the top of the Eiffel tower.

  • Don’t forget that 1.8 billion drinks cans are made of steel.

  • All steel cans are 100% recycled steel.

  • Its not just food and drink cans made from steel! -Most of your deodorants, hairsprays, polish; paint cans and other household products are made of steel too!

  • Two-thirds of all cans on supermarkets shelves are made from steel.

  • Recycling 1 tone of steel scrap saves 80% of the CO2 emissions produced when making steel from iron ore.

  • Recycling seven steel cans saves enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for 26 years.

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